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Day 3 Of The Paleo Challenge!

“They can because they think they can.” – Virgil

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Great job on the Pr’s Ginger, Melissa, Megan & Ryan at 396 lbs. Yah!
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 DSCF5025 DSCF5038   here's that pic i promised
Huge WOD today and everyone was fantastic! Sonja in Tahoe! Sweet! 
Day Three of the Paleo Challenge.  Have you used your two hour window already?  We’ve had a ton of questions and are here to motivate the day with some tricks, hints and guidelines.

Alcoholic beverages:  Biggest issue with athletes sticking to the paleo or zone is this one.  For the next 27 days we ask that you lock the stash.  It’s 27 days of detox people, you can do it.  This means no Red Bridge and no wine.  If you feel the urge to drink, try cultivating some other habit or addiction like shopping or gambling.

Sugar:  This is an evil substance created by the devil in order to fatten up his disciples.  Seriously; no sugar, no honey and no substitutes = no excess insulin dumps.  Save your pancreas and reset your insulin receptors, whoot whoot. 

Dairy:  Imagine yourself running in a Paleolithic era meadow, peaceful and naked with the club your sweetheart got you at last full moon.  It’s spring and the bison are expecting calves soon.  You hide behind a bush and watch them graze.  As they relax and settle in to their chomping, you dash athletically and with determination you target the milky tit.  How does this story conclude in your imagination? Something sound wrong other then the fact that I used the word tit in this post?

Zone:  The Zone is not a requirement for this challenge.  However, if you are already doing Zone we recommend keeping it up for OPTIMAL RESULTS.

Entering:  If you haven’t already, get your pictures taken, get measured, , log your food (send or turn this in on Friday) and have an anti-inflammed month.

Eat your veggies at every meal and drink water.  It will make you hate food and feel amazing!

The spaghetti Squash is amazing! Please make it soon! You’ll love it!



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